Failed Birka strapwork

Jul. 13th, 2017 04:55 pm
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I was attempting this pattern:

Which is always a struggle for me to get started on the patterning correctly. This time I thought I was there, with the pattern forming on the underside. Wasn't until I had put in 2 inches that I realized I had formed a different pattern, more like brickwork than strapwork.

Birka "brickwork" tablet weaving in progress

In hopes that I (or someone else) can recreate it someday, here's what I did:

Follow the linked pattern, with the 1st card on the left on the loom, and the 28th card on the right. S-threaded cards are tied behind the card. Z-threaded cards are tied in front of the card. Flip all cards so they are facing the other way. Turn the cards until the A/D side (blue edge on the Palmer cards) is uppermost. Begin pattern.

Is this replicable? *shrug*. Search me.

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