Aug. 7th, 2010

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Hi all,

I'm very new to tatting, as in started out two weeks ago, learning from youtube, literally.

In my area, there are only three craft stores, a Hobby Craft and the haberdasheries in two of the town's department stores which cater mainly to knitters and seamstresses (what is the masculine of seamstress?) The only crochet thread I can find only comes in 8 shades max, all of which are painfully pastel. Because of this I started looking online and to my luck I found a site for a company based here in the UK which sells a wide selection of vibrant tatting threads at reasonable prices with very cheap postage charges. The company sells polyester and cotton threads, cotton being about £1 more expensive than the polyester. I am planning on buying some of these threads, however I was wondering what the benefits and downsides of using polyester vs cotton are besides polyester being synthetic.

I'm very grateful for anything you guys have to offer.

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