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These were among the first things I tatted back in the winter of 2006/2007. I was quite unhappy with how they turned out, but threw them into a bag and kept them around anyway. When I was trying to figure out how to starch things, I was very glad I had! I dug them out of the bag, untangled the mangled wads, and used them as guinea pigs.

I know I finished the tatting years ago, but I'm counting these towards 2009 because I finally overcame my fear of starching! And there's no way I'm going to complete 52 crafts this year, anyway....

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Many thanks for all the starching advice! The best is yet to come, but I can't post pictures until the person I made it for receives it. :-)
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some of my Christmas gifts are very much belated, since they haven't made it to their destinations yet [yes, I know, it's already creeping up on over a month, so I'm going to call them late Christmas, early Valentine's Day presents & hope no one shoots me].

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I've been shuttle tatting for several years, but have never made anything that would need to be starched until now. My grandmother recently requested I make a bookmark for her, and I just finished it -- but it needs to be stiffened! I looked around online to see what I could learn about the different ways to starch things. What I've come up with so far is:

1) Sugar solutions may attract bugs.

2) Spray starches normally used in laundry will flake off and (after a very long time) cause yellowing.

3) There are starches made especially for fabric and needle crafts, but the sites did not mention where to buy them. (JoAnn's and/or Michael's?)

4) The only instructions I could find for wheat/corn/rice starch looked complicated and needed a bunch of kitchen equipment I haven't found yet. (Recently moved and still unpacking.)

5) Apparently you can use an epsom salt solution, and it looks pretty simple. (link)

Does anyone have any experience with sugar solutions? I was just going to use that because of course I have sugar in my kitchen! But my parents and grandmother live in an area with a large ant population and I don't want them trying to make off with this bookmark or ruining it in some way.

How about epsom salt solutions? I'm really curious about this one!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I'm sorry if this has been discussed already. I did look back through the entries a little way without seeing anything.

~ Liza
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Unlike the cross-stitching I did, the tatting is actually seasonal. 

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Hello! My name is Lindsay and I'm a multifaceted artist. I draw, sculpt, knit, sew, and a whole bunch of stuff in general. Before today, I had never even heard of tatting. My interest peaked immediately after I saw this photo over at [livejournal.com profile] craftzineblog

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I'm now incredibly fascinated with tatting, and I've started watching a few tutorial videos on YouTube, but there really aren't a lot of resources. It seems like tatting isn't the most popular craft right now, so I'm having a very hard time finding instructional books. Could you guys help me out? I would really appreciate some book suggestions or any resources that would be helpful to beginners. (Oh, if only Debbie Stoller had a book on tatting..)

ALSO! I have a couple questions. How different is needle tatting from shuttle tatting? Is there a preferred method? Do you find that one is easier than the other?

Thanks! With any luck I'll be posting projects of my own here in the near future. :D
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I don't think I've posted here before, so I'll start out by saying hello. Hello!

I've been learning some new techniques lately. Mostly because I wanted to make this:

Tatted rose

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Now I feel like trying something new again, and the last post here has reminded me that I've always wanted to try Celtic tatting. Does anyone have any recommendations for instructions and/or a good (and fairly simple) pattern or two to try it with?
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I have been experimenting with Celtic tatting.  Here are the results so far:

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Hello there!
Been watching this place for some time but never got to comment...

I've wanted to know.. Is there a way to make shuttles out of things at home?
I live in a small country and there is very little art supplies stores in here - I doubt they even know what tatting is - and I would really like to start tatting at home. Is there a way for me to actually do it without ordering from the net? is there a way I could build my own shuttles?

Thanks in advance:)
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Greetings! I'm a shuttle tatter and I live in California. Been tatting off and on for about six years. Just recently I've taken up my shuttles again, although I spend more time buying supplies than actually using them. ^_^
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Hi, I'm new to LiveJournal, live in SW MN and dabble in tatting..........*needle* tatting.  Can't shuttle tat to save my life.  I've been able to do just about every pattern I've tried written for traditional tatting.  I've designed a few pieces, nothing large.......mostly bookmarks.  Hubby makes lampworked glass beads, so I've added some of those to my tatting.......bookmarks, bracelets, etc.  I also do counted cross-stitch, lucet work and crochet, so lots of hobbies to keep me occupied.  Looking forward to seeing/hearing about everyone's projects.
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I have an interesting problem I would like suggestions on.  I have been working on a somewhat large piece and it so happened that the ball of thread that I have been winding shuttles off of is empty.  I just tied on new shuttle AND ball threads from a new ball  (both new and old balls were labeled size 20 and the diameter of the threads appears to be identical) and have done a bit of work with the new threads but am finding that the rings and chains from this new supply of thread are turning out larger than the rest of the piece, I just can't seem to get the stitches as tight as I usually do.  I am only about half done and am not sure if this difference will even matter or whether or not I can even do anything about it but I thought I would run it past the people here.  What do you think?  Is there a possibility that there is something wrong with this thread or is a difference like this not unusual?  (If it matters, the brand of thread is DMC Cebelia)

I don't know what to do.  I really don't want to have to start over or anything as I have already devoted tons of time to this project.  Any ideas????

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