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Name:Tatter Tales
Website:LJ Tatting Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The art/craft of tatting lace. Just like the LJ tatting community, with a different owner.
Just a little community for tatters! I know you're out there, somewhere! This is a place to discuss tatting in any way, shape, and form. Debate the history of tatting; show us pictures of pieces you've done, or of your progress; questions from beginners are always welcome, as is advice from experts; links to tatting sites are awesome, especially to any interesting patterns, free or otherwise. Same thing if you've found a site with nice shuttles, but when it comes to the commercial aspect, act with discretion - I don't want this to turn into a comm for advertising tatting supply sites. On the other end of things, if you want to talk about how you got into tatting, or if you have no clue what tatting is and want to find out, that's cool too!

Tatting isn't the most well-known art in the world, so we tatters have to stick together. I hope this community will not only be a great resource for all of us, but will also help us connect with those who share this interest.


-Tia aka [ profile] elspethdawitch (owner of the LJ side)

Community Rules

1. Play nice. :) Follow the usual "courtesy" rules just like you would if we were all sitting together in somebody's living room.

2. We love tatting patterns and pictures of tatting, however: Please don't post copyrighted material. That means you can't post an entire pattern that you personally did not write (even if it's free, even if it's in an out-of-print magazine or book). It also means that you absolutely can post excerpts from patterns if you're looking for help!

2a. Please feel free to post links to patterns you've found online! Especially if you're posting a picture of something you've tatted and want to share your source!

2b. If your pattern is from a book or magazine, please post any info you have about the source: title, author &/or publisher (if you have those), link to a place where the rest of us can buy our own copies, etc.

3. Please place large images behind a cut. See FAQ #88 for instructions on how to place a cut tag in your post.

4. Most importantly, have fun! :)

If you have any questions or concerns about anything in [community profile] tatting, you may email the community maintainers: ljtatting AT gmail DOT com -- This address is checked daily by the owner/maintainers. Currently, we're all in rather similar time zones, so please be patient. Your messages will be answered as quickly as possible!

- Moni [personal profile] moniqueleigh (Owner of the DW side)

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Those curious about the need for such rules can look here for a bit more explanation.

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