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OK, I try not to bitch too much about things I haven't tried. So I bought the Susan Bates version of the plastic bobbin shuttle (most are familiar with the Aero for this style). YUCK. Yes, that's shouting.

I broke the damned bobbin while trying to push-pull-squeeze it out of the shuttle. The little nubbins inside that are supposed to hold the bobbin in place? Waaaay too large. I don't think I own a bobbin that would fit in there properly. Has anyone tried to sandpaper those things? I hate to not use a shuttle. Especially since I usually love bobbin shuttles. *pout*

The hook seems good. Like most Aero hooks, it's small enough to get into all but the tiniest picots and beads. It seems to be attached pretty well, but I don't usually find problems with the hooks on these sorts until I've used them for a few weeks. :\

I didn't even bother trying since the bobbin was broken (no, not bitter at all), but I could tell pretty easily that I wouldn't have been able to put the bobbin on the post end (that's supposed to be for helping you wind thread onto the bobbin).

*sigh* If nobody else has tried the sandpaper to the nubs, I'll try that, but otherwise this shuttle is being relegated to "extra hook when I need one." Bah!

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