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A west-coast tatter working on a college computer class project wrote with this request:
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Patti Duff, Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild, has kindly offered to be a reference
for me. A "thank you" to Patti for mentioning my request in the STG

I'm taking a class, Intro to Office 2007, at Walla Walla Community College
in Walla Walla, WA. For our Final we are to do a Project utilizing the
skills we've learned in class. I decided to do the Project on tatting.

While I don't claim to know very much about tatting, it seemed like an
opportunity to share with others at least a little bit about tatting. Since
it is a computer class, the teacher is mostly looking at the computer

To make the charts, I thought it would be interesting if I could use real
data from real tatters. To gather the information, I've put together a
12-question survey with easy questions on a survey website recommended by
the teacher. I hope you'll consider participating in the survey by June 1.

To access the link to the survey, please click here:

The survey is anonymous. I won't know who participated. Please encourage
any fellow tatters you may know to check out the survey link, too.

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